Press release - Hackathon 2021

If you click on the button, you can read the press release of Hackathon 2021. The document is written in three languages, in the following order: Català, Español and English. 

What is the EUROAVIA Mission?

It was an online 24-hour-hackathon during the weekend of the World Space Week (8th and 9th October). The teams (from 2 to 5 members) had to solve a space related challenge with support from professional mentors. Afterwards, all the solutions was evaluated by a professional jury panel.

The week prior to the event the participants had the chance to attend webinars about the topics treated in the hackathon as well as cultural activities in order to get to know more about the other participants and its origins.

Who can participate?

Everybody who has interest in the space sector technologies and its business strategies can participate in the hackathon, however it is fully oriented to students who are enrolled on a space related degree in Europe.

Why should I participate?

As a student you will benefit from the event by getting to know the leading companies in the space sector in Europe while receiving advice from experts on technical and business issues. Apart from that, you will also have access to the prizes that will be announced soon!

Why should I support the event and how can I do it?

If you are a company and you want to collaborate with the event in order to gain visibility all across Europe, get to know the future leaders in the space sector and obtain new ideas to solve current issues, you can support the event by providing:

Professional speakers to do preparation webinars.

Experts to support the teams.

Members for the jury panels.

A technical challenge for the competition.


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