1. Organisation

KIMbcn Foundation is a semi-public entity which aims to stimulate the knowledge and innovation in Spain, improving the return of R+D investments. It has its headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and Santiago de Chile. EUROAVIA is The European Association of Aerospace Engineering Students and it aims to strengthen the current networking between students, reinforce the entrepeneurship and improve the formation of its members through the organization of workshops, competitions, symposia, etc. Nowadays, the association has more than 2200 members and 37 local groups in Europe, Turkey, Egypt and India. Both entities convene with these regulations its first hackathon that will take place during the 8th and 9th October inside the World Space Week. The calendar and timetable are published in the website: This calendar can be modified and all the participants will be informed about it.

2. Goals

The main goals of the event are promoting and enhancing the space industry to develop new technologies while:
  • Generating new projects and initiative.
  • Stimulating space studies.
  • Showing the results to sector experts (mentors/jury).
  • Getting to know the companies from the industry (partners).
  • Enhancing the use of satellites data.
  • 3. Participants

    The competition is conceived for European students which have a devoted interest for the space sector, specially the EUROAVIA members. However, the participation is open to entrepreneurs, researchers, associations, companies, developers, users, employers, designers and space experts.

    The participants will have to join in teams in order to solve one of the challenges set by the organisers during the 24 hours of the event.

    The teams must have a minimum of two (2) participants and a maximum of five (5).

    The organisers keep the right of dismissing the participation of any person if all the available spots are filled or any other reason derived from the failure to fulfil any of those regulations.

    4. Participation Terms

    The participants must register in this website:

    By registering to the event, the participants accept the regulations of the hackathon and also receiving e-mails related with the event from the organization. Moreover, it also gives the organization the rights to use their image (for free, non-exclusively and without time limit) with the objective of disseminating the event.

    Both the registration and participation in the event are free.

    5. Challenges

    1. Neuronal network for image classification (presented by EarthPulse)
    2. Map matching for urban location (presented by Rokubun)
    3. Orbit design and visualization (presented by Sateliot)
    4. Smartphone Application Development Showcasing the Features of EGNSS and Copernicus (presented by EUSPA)

    6. Team creation and assignment of challenges

    The formation of the teams is free and will not be imposed by the organizers. However, the participants will have the option of letting the organizers complete their team. The teams must be integrated by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 participants.

    The organizers will help the individual candidates to form a team before the beginning of the event, and they may set a meeting between the participants before the weekend.

    The teams will choose freely their challenges, which will be published before the event in the website:

    When registering, the candidates will be asked to select the challenges in which they are most interested in order to anticipate the number of experts needed in each area. As the number of challenges will change until the beginning of the competition, the teams will be able to change their preference until the day of the event. More than one competitor can develop the same challenge.

    7. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property of the developments

    The organizers will not take responsibility for any action made by a participant and infringements of the confidentiality of the projects presented in this competition.

    Therefore, the participants are encouraged to take all the possible prevention measures to protect the information or the technical elements which can be subjected to Intellectual Property before taking part in the event.

    The participants commit themselves to inform the organizers about their Intellectual Property rights which are eligible for the work developed in this competition.

    The participants are not giving in its totality the rights that could arise from the ideas developed during the competition. However, they authorize to use parts of the development or the ideas for the dissemination of the event and the promotion of the candidates. Hence, this authorisation is done in order to help to the promotion of the competition and it is a non-exclusive and non-limited time cession.

    Any other matter related with the Intellectual Property rights will be regulated by the corresponding European regulation: Directive (EU) 2019/790 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market and amending Directives 96/9/EC and 2001/29/EC.

    8. Assistance during the event

    The organizers will give to the teams, the possibility to be in touch with mentors who are experts in several areas (technical issues, project management, business model, design, communication of the innovation, etc.) in order to help all the candidates that need it.

    9. Other related activities

    During the week of the event there will be three online non-compulsory activities for the participants, so that they get to know each other and the knowledge about the challenges can be levelled before the competition:

    • Monday 4th October: Cultural dinner.
      EUROAVIA will organize team building activities linked to some culinary traditions of the participant countries.
    • Wednesday 6th October: Formation webinars.
      KIM will organize a webinar about the following topics:
      • Space data (types of data, applications, how to download them, how to work with them, related European projects …)
      • Business strategies (business model CANVAS, elevator pitch…)
    • Saturday 9th October: Cultural night.

      EUROAVIA will organize a closing ceremony for the competition with team building activities related with the cultural traditions of the participating countries.

    10. Election of the winners

    All the teams will present their projects to a jury. The duration of the presentation will be informed by the organizers before the event.

    The evaluation criteria of the project will be focused on the following points:

    1. Relevance of the technology use or data from the space sector. The failure to fulfil this requirement will mean the elimination of the event.
    2. Viability and expertise of the solution from a technical point of view.
    3. Viability and expertise of the solution from an economic point of view.
    4. Innovation level of the product.
    5. Impact and expected benefits of the project (relevance for the main technological and/or social needs).

    These criteria will be evaluated from 1 (min) to 5 (max).

    The solution must not infringe the Copyright or the Intellectual Property rights of third parts. If this criterion is not fulfilled, the team will be eliminated.

    These criteria will be evaluated confidentially and discretionally by a panel of qualified juries nominated by the organizers. The criteria of the evaluation procedure will be detailed during the presentation of the competition.

    Generally, all the members of the jury will have to evaluate all the described items and the final punctuation will be the sum of each of them.

    However, it will be allowed to the members of the panel to opt to avoid evaluating one of the criteria due to a lack of knowledge on the topic as long as every criterion is covered by at least 2 professionals.

    In this case, the different results obtained for each criterion will be averaged and the final result will be given by the sum of the 5 categories.

    At the end of the presentation of the projects, the panel will meet to designate the two winners of the competition.

    There will be two winners referred to two (2) categories, with a first classified prize per each:

    • Absolute category: where all the teams will compete
    • EUROAVIA category: where only the teams with EUROAVIA members will compete. If the winner of the absolute category is a team that also competes in the EUROAVIA category, the prize would be assigned to the following EUROAVIA team in the clasification.

    The participants acknowledge that there will not be any appeal in the constitution or the decision of the panel and that the deliberations of the panel are confidential and will not be revealed to the participants.

    11. Prizes

    Absolute Category
    • 1000€ given by the the Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya and i2CAT Foundation.
    • Brisk Learning module in space economy given by iSpace School.
    • 3 hours of consulting given by Bufete Mas y Calvet.
    • Fast track Business Model lab given by Start UB.

    EUROAVIA Category
    • 1000€ given by the the Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya and i2CAT Foundation.
    • 3 hours of consulting given by Bufete Mas y Calvet.

    Best project of Rokubun’s Challenge
    • Access to Jason during 3 months for each team member given by Rokubun.

    If the circumstances allows it, the announcement of the winners will be done at the end of the event, the 9th October. In any case, the winners will be published in the website before the 11th October 2021 and then the organizers will email directly with them to inform them about the details of the prizes.

    12. Date change of the event hackathon

    The organizers will not take any responsibility if the event has to be cancelled, reduced, extended or postponed due to a major force issue.

    13. Partners and sponsors

    The partners and sponsors of the event will be announced one month before the event.

    14. Candidates' commitment

    The participants commit themselves to answer to any information required by the event organizers or the evaluation panel. The organizers keep the right to cancel the application or participation of any person that goes against these regulations.

    The candidates commit themselves to not presenting any appeal to the organization of the event, the results and decisions of the evaluation panel.

    15. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    This agreement will be accordance to the Spanish Law and regulations.

    The parties submit the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of the city of Barcelona, Spain to settle any issue that may arise from the existence, validity, interpretation and/or execution or compliance of the present agreement.